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What’s your pre-presentation warm up and prep?

Dear all,

Welcome to my regular newsletter with articles to read, recommendations on podcasts, films, documentaries etc. Just fun things to keep you in touch with your international life!

Hope you had a wonderful summer and not too hard getting back up to speed. Sorry have been off the radar but now I’m back on my favorite subject – communication!

I often work with clients dealing with the stress of a high stakes presentations. I had my own stressful moment when I did a webinar for ICF Synergie a great group for French speaking coaches last May. Please feel free to sign up for these monthly webinars (3rd Wednesday of every month at 20.00)

Although they are primarily targeted at the French coaching community, there are a lot of tips and case stories which could be interesting for you from a managerial standpoint.

So back to that stressful presentation. here are some tips that worked for me…

It’s the way you say it ... so trying to relax physically and harnessing that extra energy:

as well as what you say … so visualizing a story is a great way to keep your presentation on track

This is a great link on tips (10 mins) and also that wonderful tool – warming up!

So (coaching question) what’s your pre-presentation warm up and prep?

I often hear clients saying that they hate small talk. It’s easy when you’re on a business topic but outside can be a nightmare.

A helpful tip can be to ask open questions which keep the conversation going and here are some good examples

So, for the fun stuff...

I can’t wait to see the movie A star is born with Lady Gaga ( you’ll just have to trust me on this one) and Cold War.

I love podcasts and Ted Talks are launching a new podcast series on October 16th. It should be of the same great quality as there talks. Here’s some info if you’d like to sign up

If you’re feeling tired and want something relaxing : an easy listening podcast is NY Times’s Dear Sugars – which is radically empathetic advice.

A good daily roundup wire of US business news – Dealbook Briefing (NY Times). I still think the Guardian (UK) has some great daily articles.

A great film on Netflix is Mudbound – my safe choice. I’m going to go out on a limb here (more risky) and suggest the cult show on Netflix American Vandal (mockumentary). You might hate this one. But we have to watch something before Season 3 of the Crown ☺

Take care, have a lovely weekend and hope to catch up soon,


PS please feel free to reply “opt out” if you no longer wish to receive these mailings.

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