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My coaching style – from your objective to an action plan : a powerful solution orientated coaching style,  I bring a pragmatic results-orientated approach and a “can do” attitude.

Leadership development –  coaching and mentoring to develop your individual leadership style – becoming the leader you want to be

Communication & Soft skills – coaching and consultancy for better communication and impact across all your interventions

  • Transformational leadership: coaching to head up a new team, take on a new mission, develop key managerial skills.  Developing the strategic reflexion needed to operate in this key role

  • Communication/soft skills: coaching for a high-level interview, an important presentation or pitch.  Working on both the form and content, focusing on developing communication skills.   Tips and tools to be better prepared, less anxious and able to deliver a key message in a high-pressure situation.

  • Onboarding: a new job where being operational fast is key.  Coaching to create vision, to lead and motivate others with greater impact and influence

  • Multicultural: working in a new multicultural context with new expectations and requirements.  Coaching on survival tools and development of intercultural competencies

  • Team coaching:  working with teams to enable collective intelligence, identify key motivational drivers, creating a synergy amongst all the different talents.

Louise Cardwell – I’m on your team

About me
UK: About Me

About Louise

A successful track record in senior management.

25 years as a Sales Director with international experience

A successful track record in senior management working for high profile media groups - Hachette, Eurosport and News Corporation, I was trained in managerial agility.   


As an Advertising Sales Director - my specialty was building up operations from scratch, leading teams and driving revenue.   A sales specialist, I was trained in driving strategy, communicating with clients and managing sales teams.  This experience is key to my own development of communication and soft skills now used in coaching.


I also have international experience managing teams in Paris, London, Singapore and New York.   I have an international background and an understanding of the demands of working in a multicultural environment.


Having been a manager myself as well as a team player gave me vital training and experience to fulfill the role of coaching senior executives.


It is this hands-on corporate managerial experience that I now bring to the coaching and mentoring of my clients.

Vision du Coaching
UK: My Vision of Coaching

My vision of Coaching

How I work

Tailor made Coaching Solutions

I fully understand the demands of an international role.  The loneliness of being a leader.  The demands of being operational in a new role and an unknown city.  The stress of an important interview, or a major pitch or presentation.    The need to have a coach and someone on your team in this period of transition. 


Coaching for me is a powerful intervention where we work together in a place of confidentiality – a safe space far away from a busy life and the demands of the diary. 


A privileged moment together where the client/coachee can stand back with their coach and examine daily life/behaviours and decide on actions for greater performance back on the pitch.  It can be just a tweak which can make all the difference for performance.


To accompany a client to develop their knowledge and skills is at the heart of my coaching practice – always striving with empathy to maintain a balance between the desired results and the well-being of my clients.

Mes Clients
UK: My Clients

Recent Interventions

Groupe LA Conseils


Workshop facilitator as part of team working on diagnostic of psychosocial risks at work

Human Systems


Coaching for CFO for his interpersonal and intercultural presentations and soft skills development

One-on-one coaching for new Director. Preparation of high-level interviews and onboarding in her new role

One-on-one coaching for Director leaving his position. Preparation of high-level interviews and onboarding in his new role

Coaching for manager on her presentation techniques and managerial skills



Workshop facilitator for international teams working on interpersonal communication

UK: Testimonials


Isabelle Moins

Head of Digital and Customer Marketing



"..Louise accompanied me in the preparation of high level interviews.  Her approach helped me to take stock and comprehend the subtleties of working in a different cultural environment. Her knowledge of business and the issues at stake, plus her understanding of human relationships make Louise an exceptional coach.."

Sebastien Lery

Group VP Marketing VEON



"..With her technique of deep listening and her coaching expertise,  Louise rapidly shared her experience in interviews and multicultural exchanges at a high level thus equipping me with the necessary tools in case of getting stuck , but more importantly, she helped me to communicate whilst remaining true to myself.."

Marie Canzano

Founder Digital Jobs


"..Louise has the formidable empathy and power of listening which enables her clients to discover the confidence they need  to express themselves in complex subjects in English.

Digital Jobs recommends her any time a client expresses this need.."

Jean Michel Ollé

Editorial Director Hachette Livre


"..I worked with Louise on a series of conferences for editors in Abu Dhabi.

In several hours, Louise gave me enough confidence to do them directly in English. This is a representative anecdote for Louise’s talents as a coach.   She took me where I was and gently helped me to find the resources I needed to confront a delicate situation. She simply revealed what I was capable of doing which I wouldn’t have believed myself.."

Virginie Peyrot

Hotel Area Manager (FRANCE) SAS

"..Louise coached me for several years.   As a coach, Louise is very powerful – by asking the right questions, listening deeply and also by the understanding business issues.  Her support in my preparation for public speaking was crucial and highly beneficial :  less time, less stress,  greater efficiency and more importantly success in my presentations and public speaking.."

Christophe Morvant

Founder Blueberry Hill Conseil

"..Louise coached me for a series of interviews.  Her powerful listening and advice were a wonderful resource throughout the process.."

UK: What's On?
What's on?

What's on?

UK Coaching+Voluntary

Coaching & Voluntary Work

CAMARA Education


I’m passionate about education, especially for girls, and am on the London Board of Camara Education. 


A Dublin based charity, Camara Education has enabled more than two million young people to achieve better educational outcomes and to improve their life opportunities.


By using recycled computers Camara works in Africa to improve lives through education. 


It’s a privilege to be part of such an exciting project and when needed I donate my business and coaching skills to the organization

UK: Contact


Please feel free to contact me to arrange a free introductory coaching session


+33 (0)7 86 40 33 77

Or please fill in the Contact Form below for further information. Thank you.

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